A Guide: How to Reach Your Goals

Set a goal.

Any goal.

What’s stopping you from reaching it?

Well, it turns out, a number of things. Goals are hard. We all know that. And if they don’t challenge you at least a little bit, you’re not doing them right.

There are myriad factors that may end up working together to make it fiercely difficult for you to successfully reach any given goal. Maybe it’s your willpower that’s lagging one day, other equally urgent priorities claiming you the day after, and the quicksand of a poorly formed plan slowing you down the next. How in the world do we do it?

As a matter of fact, why do we do it?

Because, at the same time, goals are incredibly invaluable in bringing us closer to what we want. To quote American self-help author Napoleon Hill, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Goals are far from magic, but if we reach them? They sure feel like magic, because they make the hard work worth it and, somehow, make us want to go through it all again.

Goals usually revolve around forming new habits, which requires changing up our routines. And doing this is no easy feat.

But, as in so many things in life, if you dig deep enough, you will come across some useful tips to help you out.

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Why Impossible is Overrated

One of the trickiest hurdles to navigate these days is so often planted there by others. With good but misguided intentions, friends and strangers alike may attempt to nudge you along certain paths in life… but if those paths aren’t right for you, you shouldn’t take them.

Let me introduce Mr. Turtle, who will serve as our exemplar throughout this post. Mr. Turtle is your average green-skinned hard-shelled turtle. Not long after emerging from his egg, Mr. Turtle realized he had a dream, a dream that he wanted to achieve more than anything else in the entire world. The dream? Why, to complete a marathon! Mr. Turtle envisioned working diligently day after day to reach his goal, to have his four legs bringing his tired yet dignified body across the finish line and towards personal glory. He wanted it with every fiber of his reptilian body. The catch? His family and friends took great pride in their more traditional ways, and the Turtle society would never condone such a thing. Just think, they scoff, a turtle competing in a marathon! How preposterous!

What does Mr. Turtle do?

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Skills – Lost and Found

To me, the primary reason that we lose once-mastered skills is simply a prolonged lack of application, and with focused effort, we can get them back.

Let’s say, for example, that you are performing a speech, completing a graded school assignment, or even overcoming your body’s tiredness by staying out late. Once, perhaps, you did those well. And now, not so much. What has caused this change? Is it age? A permanent loss of skill? Or is it something more?

Here are three stories to wring this topic of its secrets.

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No Excuses

I am a huge advocate of the phrase, “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way.” If you know me well enough, you’ve heard me say this at least once.

Do you remember those self-assessments that you may have taken when you were younger, which asked, “Would you get up at 5 in the morning for the fill-in-the-blank activity?” If you answered no, you were said not to care for it enough. If you answered yes, you had found something you loved. When I thought the question through, I came to the conclusion that I loved my sport, but was burned out of playing my musical instrument. It is by no means a perfect test, but I think it gets at an important point.

What you would get up for really goes a long way to defining something you deeply care about, and by extension, this feeds into who you are.

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