About Avid Writer

I am a curious and self-driven 25-year-old trying to understand how the world works. For me, understanding is everything. I constantly ask why, why, why. I have always had an insatiable craving to learn more.

In hard times, words have sustained me, helping me remember the beauty of life. Pieced together in just the right fashion, words can reveal a new side of reality, translate emotions into poignant phrases, and resonate with you in so many terrible and incredible ways.

What words have done for me, I want to impart to you.

I want to observe, to persuade. I want to help you see the world precisely as it is, even as I am still figuring that out too. I want to help you learn how to be honest with yourself, how to constantly improve in both health and efficiency, and how to build others up at every turn. Ultimately, I want to make you want to become your truest self, as I believe this will allow us (and our world) to come truly alive.

This blog follows one girl’s journey to solving the universe, one step at a time. If you are so inclined, please, hop on.

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